Big Wave World Tour Scores Huge Puerto Escondido

The Big Wave World Tour kicked off their season at macking Puerto Escondido. It is the first Big Wave event to go off at a beach break, largely because there are very few beach breaks that can handle the enough swell to run a big wave event.

Having surfed Puerto Escondido at about 1/100th of the size it blows my mind that these guys were able to catch multiple waves in the hour plus they had in the water. Pretty much every wave out there is a close-out. There are rips that move water out to the horizon. Essentially, these surfers had to take off on waves knowing full well they were going to get pounded.

We have seen many highlights of guys getting massive barrels out at Jaws. Making a barrel at this size Puerto Escondido might be a more impressive feat. The fact that Grant "Twiggy" Baker was able to make multiple deep barrels on his way to victory is unbelievable.

Second place finisher, and 2015 Big Wave World Champion, Greg Long remains awesome. He has that Kelly Slater knack for just always being in the right spot. He comes off as the most knowledgeable and well prepared surfer out and it pays off. On top of that he charges and is an amazing surfer. If he isn't already, Greg Long will go down as the greatest big wave surfer in history.

I loved watching this event. The issue with Big Wave World Tour events is that most surfers cannot relate to charging fifty foot waves. This event had an element that all surfers can relate to: surfing a closed out beach break and getting worked. However, this event took place on a world class scale. The close-outs were much much bigger and the beatings were much much worse.

We are in the waiting period for the Punta de Lobos event in Chile and the Punta Hermosa event in Peru. Fingers crossed for more giant southern hemisphere swells!